Clutter-Free Classroom: Clock Schedule Display Kids who are working on telling time, they can refer to the little clocks as a guide for the BIG clock! Love this!

She has great ideas for classrooms

new student packets. the teacher makes 5 extra of everything at the beginning of the school year so that when a new student comes midyear, she has a name tag, beginning of the year info, labels for folders/journals, etc. for the student.

Paper Clip Stands - bring art work to life. Dioramas?

Paper Clip Stands - bring art work to life. - Make book characters for story retelling. This would be great for my Sunday School class.

A Simple decoration to help students who struggle to remember vertical vs horizontal! And I need those vinyl transfers!

Label the door frame or the side of the board to help kids remember horizontal, vertical, x axis, y axis. 36 Clever DIY Ways To Decorate Your Classroom

students sign out when they leave the classroom...great idea #organization #classroom #teachers #newteachers

neat idea: students sign out when they leave the classroom; can also have magnetic pictures/words for nurse, bathroom, etc. so students can put it beside their name so you know exactly where they are

Great idea!!

Letters On The Go

Learning on the go- for the car trip- write letters, shapes, or words on a paper plate edge and cut between each one. As they find the letters etc on signs or around town they get to fold it down. - would be FRER for a scavenger hunt too!