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For Night Time theme ~ Read Happy Birthday Moon. Students paint the moon with a mixture of white paint and flour. Complete the moon by adding & using the lid of a water bottle.


Water Rocket

Water Rocket: The combination of water, compressed air, and a plastic soda bottle serves as a great source of propulsion for a water rocket. Alternate way (without tape) to fix up those water bottle rockets. by elsa

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DIY Cardboard Rocket Toy for Children. Now, it is time to create a fun toy for your kid. Well, your child can “help” you out a little too since this DIY cardboard rocket is quite easy to make.


(Image detail for -Outer Space role-play classroom display photo) I like the constellation outline and planets hanging from the roof.

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Earth Day Watercolor Children's Craft / Art Project - Great for Pre-K Complete's…

Astronaut in de ruimte

Kids Artists: Astronaut in space. could pair with foreshortening lesson to make astronauts.

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How to Build a Bottle Rocket. A bottle rocket is fun and easy to make. You can build and launch a simple bottle rocket by recycling materials you might find lying around at home. Roll a piece of paper into a cone. This will be the nose.