" Lavender" Lavender flowers can kill three types of staff infections that antibiotics can't touch.

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Translation from Dutch: La La Spring The flowers, the bees The day, your wildest dreams That no one has thought before you Seize every new beginning As never before It has waited for you

Lente, lieveheersbeestje

Beautiful picture of a ladybug on a leaf with morning dew. Can see condensation on the ladybug. Beautiful contract between the leaf and the ladybug's colours.


photography summer hippie hipster creative flowers nature travel warm sunshine adventure Explore first day of spring sping Has Sprung

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Daffodils are my favorite spring flower! Beautiful flowers for my granddaughter!

Lente - Dille & Kamille

Spring bulbs always make me feel happy - renewal, new life, the thought of summer coming.


Lente - lieveheersbeestje en krokus / ladybug and crocus