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10 Scandinavian style interiors ideas

The inspiring home and studio of  Maaike Koster  of My Deer Art Shop.

The inspiring home and studio of Maaike Koster

I'm so excited to share the beautiful and studio of Dutch graphic designer & interior designer Maaike Koster in Haarlem, The Netherlands today. Maaike has an inexhaustable passion for transformin

This is a shelf, an extractor hood and a light all in one!

Stunning Kitchen by Garde Hvalsø


Wooden Eyes Rustic Industrial Chandelier

This leads spotlights pendant lighting chandelier is made in workshop starting from old wood on which they are received spotlights. Easy to do, this lighting system creates an original light striking quite like this wood beam light. It can be hung by the

Antigua lámpara de plataforma / robusto pero tan delicado en la manera en que luces tu mesa

After a life of hard work Ive converted these old pallets into a pendant light. The combination of robust wood, steel rusted chains and clothed

Revival of the Machine BMW R100RS

Revival of the Machine BMW R100RS

Now that you know all the form of bikes offered for you, after that you can begin gauging what specific project to undertake.

This pleased my eyes more than it probably should have. Would make a CUTE office.

Pastel interiors often look very stylish and attractive, especially if you combine two or more pastel colors that match. One home dominated by pastel color

The color green is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it's no wonder that it's a favorite choice in interior design. Aside from the psychology of...

7 Ways to Create Green Color Interior Design