De bromtol

A metal spinning top! So fun to pump the handle till it whirled & wobbled.

Drinking Bird #Toys #Science

ThinkGeek :: The Infamous Drinking Bird My lonely life as an engineer needs it

~ Diaprojector

The dreaded family vacation slide show! Oh Dad would show them right on the living room wall.

Drinking Bird Remember these. They were so much fun. Ours sat on the window sill above the kitchen sink.

Klik klak ballen

tac tac - these annoyed parents everywhere. Little did they know what Nintendo…

dubbel likkers

Twin Popsicles to Share.a definite summertime childhood memory! I loved twin Popsicles!

Kralen portemonnee

18 inch strips of ribbon tied in knots around a straw wreath.

bessie turf

Bessie Turf: I really loved these books from Bessie and Billy Turf!