This quote has meaning to us because we serve youth have been dealt a bad hand in life. Rather than focus on feeling sorry for themselves we strive to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge of the opportunities available to them they can use to improve their situation.

When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities.


Inspiring Quotes When You Need Some Life Motivation

Quote: It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at that line for the rest of your life. (Challenge yourself)

Herinneringen......Memories... (It's me)

"Memories you want to have later you must make now." Literal translation: "Memories that you later want to have must you now to make." (I love Dutch word order.

Keeping a candle lit in memory of my Angel in Heaven- Merry Christmas to all our…

Le JaRdin de l'îL d'ElLe - totally enjoy burning a candle with a lovely smell.or eating dinner by (unscented) candlelight


Just because someone doesn't talk about the bad in their life doesnt mean they dont have bad things happen to them. sometimes we need a friend to just be a friend and care about us no matter what state we are in.