i told my mom i wanted to do that and she said that it would make me sick to my stomach then started listing all the possible ways i could die and i was just like, let me have my dreams :|


I want to at least go skydiving once. It would be such an adrenaline rush and epic thing to say to people.

Heb jij dit al bereikt?

Visit All 7 Continents

Boomhut voor volwassenen.

100+ Things to Do Before You Die

Bucket list: spend a night in a tree house. Or as I say it spend a LIFE in a treehouse

met zaklampjes de kleine turtles naar de zee gelokt.. Oman.. 2014

Turtles are my favorite animal. I have a turtle named Squertle. I would kill for my turtle named Squertle. I want to watch baby sea turtles go to the ocean.

bucket list before i die have a cute proposal

I did an adorable proposal had my fiancee crying out and smiling :D can't wait to marry that girl

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bake every single thing in a cookbook (maybe Julia Child's cookbook! Before I Die