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DIY Architectural Letters ~ Designing and constructing a letter. Instead of wet, messy adhesive, you'll be using paper packing tape to create a papier mache effect. Inexpensive and easy to use, it creates finished letters that are hard and durable.

For a hidden gift, use a toilet paper tube in the center of a mason jar

cover toilet paper roll, adhere and put inside mason jar. Fill around the roll with favorite candy. This is the COOLEST way ever to give money! Instead of toilet paper roll I would cut a paper towel roll for sanitary reasons.

Pizza Bites

Mini Tortilla-Crust Pizzas

I definitly have to try this one! Mini Tortilla Crust Pizzas Who said that cupcakes forms are used just for baking cupcakes? I love this recipe. I eat mini tortillas like sun-flower seeds. Very easy to make it, is suitable for a party with your friends.

surprise lego

such a cool idea for party favors for a Lego birthday! lego craft button and bits storage jar idea from old jars the kids will love them for all their tiny bits and bobs

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Fun+ways+to+give+money+as+a+gift +I+hate+just+handing+over+in+a+card. 321x1024 28 DIY Kids Christmas Gifts

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift! - Craft ~ Bubblegum jar -- I also think this would be a great way to hide money in one's house. Of course, I'd have to glue the gum down so I wouldn't chew it.

Knutselwerkje Haai

This page has a lot of free Shark craft idea for kids,parents and preschool teachers

Great idea for Lego storage, plus my kids are always in the mood for cheese balls and red

DIY Lego Storage Container - if you love Legos (like we do!), you can never have too many storage containers.

painted paper plates for lollipops

I originally made these paper plate lollipops for my Candyland party, but you could use these cute lollipop decorations for just about any occasion! All you need is a few paper plates, paint, and ribbon to make this paper plate lollipop.