Autumn joy sedum, echinacea/purple cone flower, Russian sage and Joe Pye weed

with Echinacea! Autumn Joy Sedum, Echinacea/Purple Cone Flower, Russian Sage/Pervoskia atriplicifolia and Joe Pye weed/Eupatorium purpureum. Possibly asters in the foreground, Persicaria amplexicaulis middle right?

So lovely ~~

Pink Astrantias - prefer shade and grow in zones - Ht. depends on the species - Slugs don't like Astrantias so inter-planting them among your other shade plants tends to repel them.


Lawnless yet handsome. Just remember you'll be baking the plant roots, so deep watering is still needed. All living things need water, so drought tolerant is relative.

Diarmuid Gavin's Irish Sky Garden

Diarmuid Gavin's Irish Sky Garden features inspiring shapes from foliage plants…

Viburnum opulus 'Sterile'  aka snowball bush  aka guelder rose

Viburnum opulus 'Roseum'

Scampston Walled Garden (Such a shame I had to cancel my trip to the UK and among other gardens Scampston this summer..)

Scampston Walled Garden (Such a shame I had to cancel my trip to the UK and among other gardens Scampston this summer.

Porslinsanemon, Anemonopsis macrophylla | Graciös japansk växt med finflikigt bladverk och graciösa hängande ljuslila blommor som klarar vårt kalla klimat. En flerårig växt som passar i skuggiga och fuktiga lägen. Fröna behöver köldbehandlas för att gro. Ställ sådden varmt i 2– 3 veckor. Ställ den sedan kallt i 4– 6 veckor eller tills fröerna grott, bäst är + 3 grader men kylskåpstemperatur duger. Blommar juli– augusti. Höjd 80 cm, skugga.

ANEMONOPSIS macrophylla - light lilac nodding flowers, an excellent plant for shady and moist places

This looks like some type of moss. I love moss.  It looks so touchable and…

Moss Shade loving, a perfect indoor houseplant. Any moss from nature can be gathered in mass and laid down on rich compost, the plants will live well for months, misted regularly with water.

Plantenborders in de tuin van Maurice Vergote

Plants enjoying each others company, & what fun it is, for the Gardener to introduce them to each other.