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Esther Vliex

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2 Dragon heads, 24 tarjetas, 3 colores, repite cada 40 movimientos // sed_607 diseñado en GTT༺❁

Hearts on Fibre: Adventures in Inkle Weaving Pickup weaving

Design basics for "Baltic" or "speckled" pick-up patterns. I highly recommend this article! #inkleweaving #inkle #pickup

24 tarjetas, 4 colores, repite cada 10 movimientos // sed_1043 diseñado en GTT༺❁

Patterns for Inkle loom - Link for book The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory -

1 finished repeat. 8 inches long. First time took 6 hours. Note: pattern too! Bit complicated...

Seven sashes. Six are variations on the Celtic knot pattern. One is a 2 color twist that I made up. I've always loved Cetlic knotwork and enjoy weaving these. Woven from wool and cotton on my inkle looms. by Annie MacHale #celtic knot #inkle weaving #ASpinnerWeaver

Variations on the Celtic Knot pickup pattern woven by Annie MacHale. This blog post has a link to a good resource for learning pickup patterns.

This is a custom handfasting cord for a Canadian couple getting married this month. Woven by Annie MacHale #inkle_weaving #inkleweaving #celticknot

Nested Thor's Hammers pattern by K Rolina Artist