Thumbprint Self-Portrait...very cool art project for middle school!

Thumbprint Self-Portrait. The kids make this based on their actual thumbprint and write a narrative about themselves. how old you are, things you like and don't like, your hopes and dreams for the future. LOVE this for the beginning of school!

Dover Comics - Website net verschillende comics waarbij de wolkjes nog ingevuld moeten worden. Leuk om leerlingen als schrijfopdracht of als extra opdracht te geven.

Use for quotation marks or "punctuation for effect." Welcome to Dover Publications Word Play! Write Your Own Crazy Comics

erg leuk, je eigen stripverhaal

Free Comic Book Printable~ Students can create their own comic summaries, idiom cartoons. classroom rules, or. They cut out the panels that they want and then sequence on a separate paper. Good for teaching empathy!

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