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Back in my teenage years and my early twenties I used to OBSESS about my weight constantly. I thought about every teensy thing I ate, I worked out for hours a day and I hated my body.

Still have tons of work to clear but I'm way too tired... Maybe should just go to bed now

The Original Letter Board! Our Three Potato Four Letter Boards come with a 290 piece set of interchangeable letters and numbers that you can swap out on a whim. It's the perfect source of inspiration


I have been experiencing times recently. In my past I have run away from my and that obviously just made them worse. Muster up the you know you have then watch as you yourself with the strength hiding out of sight.

Lukt het niet? Diep ademhalen, nieuwe aanpak en gewoon doorgaan

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In het teken van de postmoderne filosofie: verleg je grenzen, daag jezelf uit en jaag je dromen na

why stay within your comfort zone if outside there is so much more life to see

Spreuk over #optimisme

The True Power of Beliefs, Part 1