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three wooden buildings sitting on top of a floor next to each other in a building
Rent Pop-Up Stores | Find Pop-Up Shops | List Pop-Up Space | Go—PopUp
Bikini Berlin | Pop Up Stores in Berlin | Go—PopUp
an empty room with shelves and pictures on the wall, in front of white walls
Jan De Cock / Galerie Fons Welters / Monument II (Repromotion) /...
two people are walking down the hallway in front of a wall with yellow squares on it
PALERMO AIRPORT RETAIL, Sicilia, 2009 - traverso-vighy
four different images of white brick walls and wood floors
Home - Affordable Home Innovations
Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios - Jerzy Goliszewski
two people are sitting in the middle of an office with bookshelves and desks
Office Tuesday – Gummo: Nieuw ‘tweedehands’ kantoor • Woonhome
#Office #Tuesday – Gummo: Nieuw ‘tweedehands’ kantoor. Er werden geen nieuwe meubels gekocht, maar oude meubels werden juist hergebruikt bij de #inrichting van dit kantoor.
a man sitting at a desk in an office with bookshelves on the wall
Office Tuesday – Gummo: Nieuw ‘tweedehands’ kantoor • Woonhome
#Office #Tuesday – Gummo: Nieuw ‘tweedehands’ kantoor. De werkplekken zijn met grijze vlakken op de vloer aangegeven.
wooden tables and benches are lined up against the wall, with plants growing on them
Gallery of Jury / Biasol - 7
de wand met planken
a woman standing next to a yellow couch in front of a white wall with lots of windows
Auf der Suche nach dem Deutschen Design | STYLEPARK
Pop Up Shop Design / Retail Design / Semi Permanent Retail Fixtures / VM / Retail Display /
a small yellow and red food stand in a building with benches on the outside, and a sign that says scraff above it
Interieurbouw | Standbouw | Meubelspuiterij
Floor likes this mobile food bar! Mobile Food bar : Rick Smeenk - Interieurbouw | Standbouw | Meubelspuiterij