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Pretty Little Liars

[❥] 2010-2017 🥀 [❥] PLL will live forever in my heart.
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[1x12] Was I the only one that really liked Alex? They were so cute in s1 🥺
[1x09] This was such a sweet moment. Alison loved Em so much 🥹
[1x09] SO ICONIC!!! I miss early pll so much omg

Season 1 ♥︎

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[2×04] Dr. Sullivan really helped the girls out this season, especially in helping Hanna deal with Alison's passing. I felt so bad Hanna was haunted by Ali's old bullying, and I'm happy she grew from this point and worked on her insecurities 💕
[2x11] I loved Maya's character so much on PLL
[2x14] When the girls were actually on their "A" game lol. This whole storyline was so intense + Melissa's involvement

Season 2 ♥︎

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[3x24] This was and is one of the best season finales and I will stand by that
[3x07] This episode will always be one of my favorites. The intro to Cece Drake was everything! I love her so much 😆
[3x01] Season three was such a vibe. The intro to "Big A" was incredible.

Season 3 ♥︎

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[4x04] I love Aria and Spencer's relationship so much 😭
[4x11] Season four was one of my favs. It was a lot darker than 1, 2, and 3 in my opinion.
[4x19] Toby was looking so so fine in the black & white episode

Season 4 ♥︎

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[5x04] I felt so bad for the girls when they returned with Ali from NY with a lot more stress. I wish we could've gotten more of Spalison bonding
[5×05] Hanna was so funny here not paying attention at all on her project with Travis in her yard 😭 Travis was super sweet and supportive, I wish Hanna and him had more of a chance to be explored 😵‍💫
[5x14] Poor Spencer in this scene. I felt bad for the girls being so confused and convinced Ali was A at this time.

Season 5 ♥︎

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[6x12] Hanna not knowing about Stockholm Syndrome until hearing about it here was hilarious and her calling it the wrong thing at first 😭 Spanna my favorite friendship 🫶🏼
[6x08] I loved Emaria on the show, we got so much of their friendship in the earlier seasons 1-3
Sorry, this doll’s freaking me out.

Season 6 ♥︎

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[7x10] Love the reference to season 1 of Jenna using jungle red lipstick here!

Season 7 ♥︎

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[7x20] I liked this scene a lot, and the whole pre-wedding jitters Aria experienced had felt realistic. I wish it were actually Spencer in this scene, but still this is a cute moment before the end of the show 😌🫶🏼
[7x20] This scene of Aria finding out she was unable to conceive children of her own was just devastating. And her thinking Ezra would leave her because of it was so heartbreaking.
Mona + the game board. Name a better… We’ll wait. 😂

Season 7B ♥︎

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how it started vs how it ended

A Messages (All)

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Pretty Little Quotes

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PLL Ships

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[1x06] Remember when we thought Toby was bad in season 1?? Yeah.. lmao. I miss those days.
[3x13] This Ezria moment was so soft and cute 🥹
Now we know what Christmas is like at the Fitzgerald’s.


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[6x09] Haleb makes my heart melt every single time… I love them so much 🥹
Mean girls stay mean.
5x13 🎄


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[7x10] This scene made me feel so heartbroken, missing Spoby. I still can't believe we never got Spoby again after the 5 year time jump...
[1x20] Ahhh my fetus babies… I love them so much. Look how adorable they are!!! 🥹


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Two can keep a secret…


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Season 7 ❤️
Season 7 ❤️

The Liars

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how it started vs how it ended
how it started vs how it ended
how it started vs how it ended

The Guys of PLL

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[7x20] The wine moms.🍷❤️ I gotta admit, I was missing Pam in this scene. There’s nothing better than the prom episode where they all got drunk together.
[6x09] “The wind has a name... Charles.” LOL 😂😂 I loved this episode so much! The wine moms just make everything better. And who doesn’t love the iconic basement scene? 🤣
[6x09] Ella had me dying in this scene! 👏🏻😂 “Are you???” like for real. Rhys, what are you still doing here? Go home.

The Wine Moms

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[2x25] Original A reveal

The A-Team

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Come on. Everyone has a fave.
In loving memory of Lyndon James. It’s a bitch to die. May he REST IN PEACE.
In loving memory of Wayne Fields. It’s a bitch to die. May he REST IN PEACE.


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|Pretty Little Liars Unknown Identites That Were Revealed|
|Pretty Little Liars Unknown Identites That Were Revealed|
|Pretty Little Liars Unknown Identites That Were Revealed|

Unknown Identities Revealed

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Some of the worst things Spencer went through
Some of the worst things Aria went through
Some of the worst things Hanna went through

PLL Sad Episodes

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PLL Hastag

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Haha yes! 😂


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I just can’t do it 😮‍💨

Fans can Relate

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