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a wheel with yellow spokes is sitting on a table in front of a black surface
an old yellow and red taxi cab parked next to other cars
DE SOTO automobile Highland Park, Michigan, United States 1928-1961
1942 DeSoto Taxi
a woman standing next to a car with her hand on the door handle and wearing ripped jeans
Hot couple #911GTS #porsche #porschebabe - hoony_porsche
the front wheel of a car with gold rivets on it's rim
"Toda Gloria es Efimera"
"Toda Gloria es Efimera"
the front end of a black car with chrome rims and spokes, parked in a garage
Love the widened steelies on this 240.
four chrome rims are shown on a green carpeted floor, with the words autoharn written on them
Turbo Wheels Own You - Version 2
bbr competion - Google Search
a silver wheel on a white background
XXR Wheels | The Pursuit of Lightweight Wheels
Wheels | XXR Wheels | The Pursuit of Lightweight Wheels
a red wheel with spokes on the side of a car's tire, seen from above
deep dish Archives - Page 22 of 26 - Bosozoku Style
SSR Formula Mesh
a red car with gold rims and chrome spokes
6666 mesh
some gold rims with black spokes on them
Rims And Tires Package Deals
ADV.1 forged wheel
an orange wheel on a white car with chrome rims and spokes is shown
The most popular for Euro stanced cars has always been deep dish alloy wheels but over the past few years concave wheels have been creeping into the scene. Description from I searched for this on
an image of a wheel on display in a car showroom with other cars behind it
the wheels and rims of a silver car are stacked on top of each other
a wheel that is sitting on the ground
Rims And Tires Package Deals
New twist on a old wheel