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three pictures of different types of flowers in various stages of blooming, from pink to purple
Favorite new-to-me dahlias I grew this year. - Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
Photos of the flower garden and my favorite dahlias… so bright and colorful and great for cutting!
a small white building sitting in the middle of a garden
Vintage Greenhouses & Potting Sheds - Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
potting shed, greenhouse
several different types of vertical garden ideas
DIY Vertical Garden Projects
Transform your small garden or balcony with these stunning DIY vertical vegetable garden ideas. From pallet gardens to hanging planters, find the perfect way to grow fresh veggies in any space. #GardenIdeas #VerticalVegetables #DIYProjects #HomeGardening #SpaceSaving
various garden items with the words rain chain ideas for your sensory garden on them
Rain Chain Ideas and Projects for a Rainy Garden
Rain Chain Ideas and Projects for a Rainy Garden • Lovely Greens
gardening tools in the dirt with text overlay that reads, 7 gardening rules of thumb
Easy Gardening Rules That Really Help
I’m sharing my experience with gardening over the years with a few helpful tips and tricks that will help you grow your best garden yet.
some plants that are growing in the ground and with text overlay saying 7 ways to make bean supports
7 Ways to Make Bean Supports for Climbing Beans
a small white house surrounded by flowers and trees
Vintage Greenhouses & Potting Sheds - Victoria Elizabeth Barnes
A collection of greenhouses and garden sheds.
Infographic featuring a tip from Preparedness Mama on storing grains. The image shows various grains in cloth bags and bay leaves on a vintage-style backdrop with text stating: 'Did you know? Storing grains with bay leaves in airtight containers deters pests naturally, maintaining freshness and quality while keeping the pantry pest-free without chemicals.' The Preparedness Mama logo is at the bottom with the tagline 'taking the scared out of being prepared Wholesome Living, Bay Leaves, Airtight Containers, Smart Storage, Harmful Chemicals, Beetles, Food Waste, Awesome Stuff, Garden Inspiration
Bay Leaves: The Natural Guardian of Your Grains
Keep your grains safe and fresh! 🌾 Storing them in airtight containers with bay leaves can naturally repel pests. It's simple: the scent of bay leaves wards off intruders like weevils and beetles. The aromatic properties of bay leaves are unpleasant to these pests, keeping them at bay without the need for harmful chemicals. For more wholesome living tips, be sure to follow us and visit our website. #smartstorage #foodstorage #foodwaste #preparednessmama
how to start seeds indoors and use them for making soil blocks in your garden or yard
Best way to start seeds indoors–video tutorial for making soil blocks.
How to start seeds indoors-- a video tutorial for making soil blocks. I’ve tried EVERY method, this is the BEST.
banana peels and cocoa in a glass bowl with text overlay reading how to dry and use banana peels for a potasum booster in your garden
How To Use Dry Banana Peels as a Fertilizer | PreparednessMama
How to dry banana peels and give a potassium boost to your garden | PreparednessMama
a potted plant in the middle of a yard with two lanterns and a fence behind it
DIY Planter Trellis - Perfect For Container Gardens!
If you are looking for a trellis for your tomatoes or other vining plants or flowers, this one could not be easier to make! Find the full tutorial here . #garden #tomatoes
three baskets filled with plants sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a lamp
How To Plant A Moss Basket Container Garden
These gorgeous basket container gardens may look complicated to make but I promise you, they are so not. They only took me an hour or so on the backyard deck while enjoying a big Arnold Palmer drink! See the full tutorial here: #outdoorplanter #gardening
the words 10 best vegetables to grow in raised bed on top of a pile of fruits and vegetables
10 BEST VEGETABLES TO GROW IN A RAISED BED GARDEN Eggplant is a very sun very sun-loving plant. Raised bed heats up pretty well in summer, so eggplants are great for raised beds. It is best if you grow eggplants from seedlings bought from the nursery or any other store or you can grow them directly from seeds. But for seeds, you have to grow seeds indoors in a very controlled environment. #gardening #vegetablegarden #vegetables #growveggies #raisedbeds #raisedbedgarden #slickgarden
diy raised garden bed ideas that are easy to make and great for the backyard
16 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas- A Cultivated Nest
16 Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas- Elevate your gardening game with these easy DIY raised garden bed ideas! Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, discover simple and stylish ways to grow your own produce and beautiful flowers. | #DIYGardenBeds #RaisedBedGardening #GardeningTips #gardening #ACultivatedNest
how to deal with japanese beetles in your garden
Keep Japanese Beetles off Your Plants this Summer!
Beat Japanese beetles with our expert gardening tips! This guide provides detailed steps to combat these insects and prevent future infestations. Learn how to create a resilient garden environment that naturally repels pests. 🌼 #GardenHealth #BeetleControl #NaturalPestSolutions #GardenMaintenance