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a person holding up a piece of paper with the word monopoly written on it in black and white
DIY Dry Erase Pocket Sleeve: Small Reusable Pouches for Chore Tracking
Front of a dry erase pocket sleeve... this is a custom size and the front is clear vinyl, allowing us to see the chore slip behind it and mark chores off with a dry erase marker.
a horse is standing in the middle of a room
Foam Floor Tiles: Easy to Install Removable Flooring Alternative for Renters
Foam floor tile floor in a play therapy office. The tiles are dark gray wood grain. There are some seats, white cabinets on the wall, toys, and other decorations in the room, including a large stuffed toy horse.
a young boy sitting on a bean bag chair holding a baby goat
Review of the Moon Pod Beanbag Chair
Teenage white boy with glasses and a scouts hat sitting on a blue Moon Pod bean bag chair with the bolster, holding a black and white guinea pig with lots of dandelion leaves and flowers piled for the guinea pig to eat.
how to finish plywood edges with the help of an expert woodworker's guide
Finishing Plywood Edges: Professional Ways to Cover Raw Edges
How to Finish Plywood Edges: Close up photo of a raw plywood edge.
there are many chickens standing in the grass next to a chicken coop with text overlay that reads tips for buying baby chicks
Meyer Hatchery Review: Tips for Buying Chicks from a Hatchery
Tips for buying baby chicks and a review of the Meyer Hatchery. Photo of 4 bantam chickens full grown from Meyer Hatchery and one silkie rooster.
a black and white blanket is hanging on a blue rack next to a pink couch
DIY Towel Ladder (or Mini Blanket Ladder)
Completed DIY towel ladder, attached to the wall of a room. The blanket on it is too large, but a normal blanket or towels would be perfect.
a collage of photos showing clothes and other items in a closet with the words finishing plywood edges
Finishing Plywood Edges: Professional Ways to Cover Raw Edges
Finishing Plywood Edges: Three photos in the collage that show plywood edges being finished differently.
the front end of a blue honda odyssey parked in a parking lot with its lights on
Step-by-Step Guide: Replacing a Headlight in a Honda Odyssey 2013
How to replace the headlight in a Honda Odyssey. Are your headlights flickering or dim? Learn how to replace a headlight in your Honda Odyssey 2013 with our step-by-step tutorial! Easy DIY fix. #CarMaintenance #DIYDanielle
a yellow frame hanging on the wall next to a red and blue guitar hanger
DIY Board Game Display: Framing Your Board Games for Display and Use
The DIY board game display hangs on the wall next and features the game board on the front and a colorful, yellow wooden frame around the sides.
the laser cut memory box is made with wood and has a unicorn's head on it
Making a DIY Memory Box with a Laser Cutter
A step-by-step tutorial on making a DIY memory box with a colorful laser-cut design. A look at the memory box with the slide panel partially open, revealing the storage space and keepsakes inside.
the inside of a shed with wood flooring and ladders in it, text reads diy shed lofts for storing hay, storage, and other small items
How to Build a Shed Loft
Text: DIY Shed Lofts for storing hay, shavings and other small items. Top photo: finished loft with items stored on top. Bottom photo: wood lined up for the base of the loft.
there is a pair of pliers on top of a yellow piece of paper with the words maintenance written above it
Low Maintenance Home Ideas for an Easy to Clean Home
If you hate unnecessary cleaning and dream of a low maintenance home, these low maintenance home ideas will make your house easy to clean.
christmas ornaments with the words 19 eye - catching felt christmas ornaments
Deck Out Your Tree in Style: 19 Eye-Catching Felt Ornaments
Adorn your tree with handcrafted Christmas decorations! Check out these adorable and festive 19 DIY felt ornaments that you can easily make. #diydanielle #feltornaments #diyfeltornaments #feltchristmasornaments
the cat door is open to allow you to see what's inside
How to Install a Cat Door: Shed Siding Installation
An interior view of the cat door installed inside of the shed. Text says "How to install a cat door."
three mason jars with plants in them sitting on a shelf next to other glass containers
DIY Hydroponics: Setting up an Easy Mason Jar Garden
Small red and green lettuces sprouting from an indoor hydroponics garden made from mason jars and net pots.