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a man is sitting in a chair with paper on his face
Cool Paper Mask - Strange Beaver
cool paper mask
a black and white photo of a face in the sand
this look scary but idk something about it fascinate me. Whispering wall, sweet talk
the street is littered with paper machs and trash bags, including two broken toothbrushes
Meet The Street Artist Turning London's Rubbish Into Art
Street Artist Turning London's Rubbish Into Art - Francisco de Pajaro
an animal's fur is shown with small black dots on the top of it
……..and another
an old driftwood horse on the beach with water in the backgrouds
Amazing driftwood sculpture
what is pinterest and how do i use it? Anyway, this is kind of cool
a large metal sculpture sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to a lake
Does anyone else make their own garden 'art'?
a sculpture of a man standing on top of a pile of roots with his hands in the air
The Organic Sculptures of Aron Demetz - Hi-Fructose Magazine
Aron Demetz - Hi-Fructose Magazine
a wooden pole with plastic bottles attached to it
DIY Water Wall - TinkerLab
A great way to upcycle Recycled plastic bottles become a waterwall.
many multicolored lights hanging from the ceiling
Bottle Sculpture in Detail
I think this piece is very cool. Not only is it great that they are reusing bottles to make the objects, but also the colors and lights. I love it. The coolest thing about this, is the color scheme. Very weird. Colorful Bottle Sculpture
an angel's wings made out of hundreds of different colored buttons on a black stand
Wings, by Who? ...Recycled excellent way for such ridiculous shoes to die. #ecoart #recycle
a sculpture of a fish made out of scrap material
rossignol kombinezon izguba brazda Smola -
Recycling Art+Design Festival 2013 | Product groups | Art
an artistically designed table on white background
Recycling Art+Design Festi-Fair 2013 | Product groups | Design
Recycling Art+Design Festival | Product groups | Design
a young boy standing in front of a giant metal skull made out of beer cans
rossignol kombinezon izguba brazda Smola -
Recycling Art+Design Festival
there are two vases with flowers in them and one is holding a beer bottle
How to cut a bottle using household items!
Glazen fles snijden diy