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a yellow stuffed bird sitting on top of a nest
Paper mache Easter bonnet Items needed: Cardboard, balloon, newspaper, PVA glue, tissue paper, feathers, twigs, foam, felt, glitter, permanent marker and googley eyes! Create the main body shape using paper mache. Create base of hat using cardboard. Stick both parts together then add wings. Cover in tissue paper. Add twigs around base and decorate with glitter. Add feathers and finish by adding detail using the marker pen, foam, felt and googley eyes!
an egg decorated with flowers and rubber ducklings
Paasei van papier machee
an easter egg with eggs in it sitting on a white doily covered tablecloth
Paper Mache Easter Egg Diorama
Paper Mache Easter Egg Diorama
an ornament shaped like a bird nest with eggs in it
Paasei papier-maché / Thema Pasen / Creatief met kinderen | patscreativeworld
Paasei papier-maché / Thema Pasen / Creatief met kinderen | patscreativeworld
the paper hearts have been made to look like they are holding hands
a paper unicorn with colorful manes on it's head
DIY Unicorn Valentine Paper Puppet
an easter decoration made out of candy eggs in a flower shaped container on a table
Paasmandje knutselen | De leukste mandjes om paaseieren mee te zoeken
two pictures of someone cutting paper with scissors to make a chicky face out of glitter
Leuke knutselactiviteiten en (educatieve) spelletjes rond Pasen met kinderen
handprints on the paper with flowers in a vase and blue ribbon tied around it
two pictures of fish with different colors and shapes on them, one is drawn in pencil
Knutselen zomer; 50 ideeën voor peuters, kleuters en kinderen-
a pair of scissors that have been cut to look like a bird
Leuk idee om met kinderen te knutselen voor Pasen . Foto geplaatst door suuuzann op