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spinach plants with the title how to start growing perpetual spinach as a cut & come again crop
How To Grow Spinach
Discover how to grow spinach as a perpetual cut and come again crop. These essential spinach growing tips cover growing baby spinach for salads and growing spinach in containers plus pest control with the most effective companion plants. . #organicgardening #gardeningtips #companionplants #gardenpests #spinachgrowing #growingspinach #howtogrowspinach
a poster with the words how much to plant per person for canning and vegetables on it
How Much to Plant Per Person For a Year
Reduce the overwhelm and learn how much to plant per person in the garden for a year! A simple formula for deciding how much to plant per person.
an old advertisement for the victory garden for a family of five on a plot 25 x 30 ft
Victory Gardens for Today
Victory Gardens have a place today just as they did 80 years ago during WWI and WWII. Everyone can grow their own food - in full or in part - no matter where you live.
a planter filled with flowers and greenery sitting on the ground in front of a door
16 Fantastic Heat-Loving Plant Combos for Containers
orange flowers with the words, flowers you should be planting with your vegetables on it
9 Flowers You Should Grow in Your Vegetable Garden
grow lettuce in mason jars Growing Lettuce Indoors, Growing Lettuce, Growing Spinach, Planting Lettuce, Indoor Vegetable Gardening, Hydroponics
How to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce
a blue and white object in a pink bowl on a wooden table next to potted plants
DIY Self Watering Planter: How to Convert a Standard Planter
Make Self Watering Pots | Convert a Standard Planter into a Self Watering Container
an orange bucket with a plant growing out of it
Make Your Own Self Watering Tomato Buckets
Make Your Own Self Watering Tomato Buckets
garden tool care and storage in a metal container
garden tool care and storage | Sheri Silver - living a well-tended life... at any age
two tiny yellow beads on the side of a piece of gray fabric with holes in it
Germinating Seeds In Paper Towels: A Quick and Easy Way to Start Seeds Without Soil
a houseplant in front of a door with the words how to overwinter ferns
How To Overwinter Ferns
how to make a diy cucumber arch trellis in the garden with text overlay
How To Build A DIY Arch Trellis
Growing cucumbers on a trellis saves space in the garden, and makes harvesting a breeze. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make your own simple arch cucumber trellis.
a black cart with wheels and a basket on the front wheel, isolated against a white background
Hose Reel Cart 300FT - 20250100110
Hose Reel Cart 300FT - 20250100110
how to compost 10 simple steps
How to Compost: 10 Simple Steps
How to Compost: 10 Simple Steps | Growing In The Garden
several pictures of vegetables with the words succession planting above them and below it is an image of radishes
Succession Planting Vegetables for a Longer Harvest
Extend your harvest season by utilizing the succession planting method. It's an easy way to make your garden work harder. Instead of simply cheering on the first of the radishes or ogling the tiny beans on your plants, it's a good idea to think ahead. What happens when you pull out those mature radishes and add them to your table? Unless you've planted another crop to follow the first, you'll be out of radishes. Here's how to extend your harvest season with succession planting.
someone holding up a plant with the words how to grow lemongrasss in it
How to Grow Lemongrass Indoors or Outside
growing green onions in a container with text overlay reading growing green onions in a container
How to Grow Green Onions in a Container
a red wreath with a ladybug on it and flowers in front of the door
Wreath: garden hose and ladybug
garden beds with the words best wood to use for raised garden beds in front of them
Best Wood for Raised Garden Beds — Empress of Dirt
What is the best wood to use for raised garden beds and which ones can be harmful? Find out here! #raisedbeds #lumber #empressofdirt
a bottle of water next to a plant with leaves and other things in front of it
13 Of The Most Creative And Useful Gardening Hacks
My daughter Britta has definitely emerged as the gardening guru in our family. Today she’s sharing with us her homemade organic fungicide that is just as effective and much cheaper than the commercial alternatives and won’t hurt the environment, our pets, or our families. Way to go Britta! Britta writes………. As a gardener in Utah, …
steps to a no - work cottage garden
6 Tips for Creating a Low-Maintenance Cottage Garden
Cottage garden designs bring a classic, soft vibe to your landscape. Create a garden that's big on color—but small on labor. #gardening #gardendesign #cottagegarden #easycottagegarden #bhg