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Learn To Crochet Jersey Granite Stitch

Learn To Crochet Jersey Granite Stitch

INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Crochet Graph - Crochet Chart - Baby Blanket - Alphabet Letters A-Z - Crochet Letter Blocks - ABC Blanket

**This listing is for GRAPH PATTERNS ONLY - not a finished product.** The PDF you will receive contains 28 graphs letters, a star & a

Witlofsalade met appel

Salad with chicory, apple, walnuts and the perfect combination of a little sweet and a little sour. (in Dutch)

Macramé - Knopen - Knoopwerk ~Plantenhanger *Plant Hanger~

Handmade Blue Green Teal Macrame Plant Hanger Holder with Wood Beads. I did several of these before I was I really enjoyed making them. A lady across the street taught me how, and in a grade home ec class we also made one.

How to Make a Modern Macreme Plant Hanger (step-by-step instructions)

Macreme Plant Hanger Three lengths of cotton cord to brass ring or key chain ring Hook or nail affixed to a wall (to hold macramé while you work) Scissors Colored string glass bowl Plants suitable for an container