Vivian Maier's cameras

A selection of cameras owned by Vivian Maier. Exact, Gray Baby Rolleiflex, Leica III, Zeiss Contarex, and what appears to be a Bell & Howell Sportster or Filmo movie camera in the background.

Nikon D200 - Had one of these for quite a few years.  Great camera.

My first Nikon digital. 12 MP and a real tank but felt it wonderful in my hands. With a and lenses, I was all set.

Nikon N8008 - Still have this one.  Great camera.

Nikon 8008 - bought in One of the greatest cameras ever made.

My latest - Canon EOS-6D Digital SLR Camera Body, 20.2 Megapixels, Full Frame CMOS Sensor

According to Canonrumors that Canon Mark II ready to debut, but not this year. Canon EOS Mark II will have a smaller body and a bit lighter

Canon 5D.  Still love.

Canon the original is an older full frame camera that is now affordable to anyone who would want to try full frame. One of the advantages of FF is shooting with ultra wide lenses.

My first DSLR ~ Nikon D100 - Donated it to a school years ago.

My first DSLR ~ Nikon - Donated it to a school years ago.

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