March for peace (Washington, D.C.): I won't fight in Vietnam (1965)

March for peace (Washington, D.): I won’t fight in Vietnam (by Penn State Special Collections Library)

shopping at Sears.

Sears was almost a shopping mall unto itself back then. I remember the smell of popcorn wafting through the entire store. Where there was popcorn, there was also a candy counter. Sears was our "one stop shopping center.

Independence Day Shoot with your countries flag ! Add empty picture frame for photo booth

Giddy Up! The 21 Greatest Moments in New York Yankees History

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1940s lady in jeans and boots, everyday 1940s wear for working women during the war

Working Woman in jeans and boots ~ everyday wear for working women during the war years

Elvis with his parents

yr old Elvis enjoys a drink sitting on the couch with his parents at their Audubon Drive home in Memphis in May

This is what the "older" kids looked like when I was 8 & they were like 12, maybe 13. "hoods" of 16 or 18 didn't hang out much- they were working their asses off in some mind crippling spirit killing job. Just listen to SUMMERTIME BLUES... I knew that would not be for me.

My grandfather passed away a few years ago and I found this damaged pic of him as a badass teenager (middle). Are there any photoshop wizards that can help me out?

Woodstock, Bethel, New York, 1969 par Elliott Landy.

Woodstock, Bethel, New York, 1969 by Elliott Landy. i know i cant go back in time, but if I could this would be a must. for the music find my father and really make woodstock a trip.