Weekend, City or Country.

Olive Green Waxed Cotton Bal Harbour Jacket with Plaid Lining, and Pale Blue Chambray Shirt.

Bound details on the inside of a jacket

Fun and refreshing in the still air temperature 33 degrees . Of image: Mayfair Sanshu-do Taylor Kagoshima made-to-order Taylor San-shu-do

Of Style & Strength

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I love the contrast of the seams on the inside of this jacket. I always thought seams on the inside of a jacket was an eyesore, but this way it becomes a desgin element.

The Eiger Field Jacket

Mission Workshop - Eiger Field Jacket from the Advanced Projects Series - uses c-change wool


Aspesi - Men's - Padded Gene Coat Dark Navy • Selectism

A padded coat from Aspesi made from Thermore polyester padding keep the jacket warm and toasty.

Bastong Handmade Waxed Cotton Jackets

Bastong "No. 001" Handmade Waxed Cotton Jackets - Photos • Selectism

Korea's Bastong kicks off Fall/Winter 2013 with these fine waxed cotton jackets, handmade in Seoul.