Wow could this Pomeranian BE any cuter? Its name is Boo and it has its own Facebook page. Seriously adorable!!!!

My next pup will be a little boy pomeranian because boy pups love their moms and because poms look like little teddy bears! :D

One of my teammates in volleyball has a dog that looks like this & I wish I knew the breed because he is so well behaved

My schnauzer was gray and white, but any schnauzer takes my heart. Missing my dog! Top 5 Most Talkative Dog Breeds

Magnificent Illustrations. beautiful English bull terrier me thinks we re going t have to get Claire to have a go with some of our Scoobie rescue dogs :-)

How To Have Fun With Your Pet

Funny pictures about How To Have Fun With Your Pet. Oh, and cool pics about How To Have Fun With Your Pet. Also, How To Have Fun With Your Pet photos.

What's up Dog? ;-) Too #Cute #pitbull

Bugs Bully - I think this is "Adorabull" - The dog looks like it could be my rescue girl and your hostess for this board "Jade": There are several pics of Jade on this board.

Aww too funny and cute lol

I love it when my Bostons look like they are make a big cheese smile. turns out just stretching their jaw LOL

Airedale Terrier (not mine) Had one myself when I was a kid and getting one when I have a nice big garden :-)

Aww what an incredibly sweet picture Airedales are the best in everything they do❤️

And this nosy noodle. | The 29 Best Dog Squishes

The 29 Best Dog Squishes

black & white dancing together! Please give me thuis one for my birthday :)

Iron Jaws photo (Dog - Bull Terrier) : Grandit vite Yummypets : Social network for Dog

"Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?" "I'm not sure. I didn't know humans mated like dogs. Aren't they cold?" (Check out my book, Last Stop Before Rainbow Bridge, True Animal Rescue Stories on Amazon. 37% of profit goes to no-kill animal shelters.)

Little dogs wearing cute little sweaters in the cold snow of winter.