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Love this (btw it's great that the owner watermarked it so casually since it's not practical to have a watermark in the middle of a photo. hint to everyone out there)

I SEE ORANGE BA BAM<<<demigods can only see this, but another text says, actually mortals see it as orange but demigods see it as yellow. I mean, it's yellow. Not orange. You're a mortal. OH YEAH!<< Its Camp Half Blood Orange!

Mark Hamill comments on the romantic tension between Rey and Kylo Ren. My life is literally amazing rn!

A lot of Greek mythology is changed in Percy Jackson. So if you think you are an expert at Greek mythology because you have read Percy Jackson, YOU ARE WRONG!

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He is mysterious, misunderstood, dark, depressed, broken and more powerful than any average demigod.<< and a lil' nugget