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a drawing of two lions hugging each other
a drawing of two hands holding an eye with feathers and beads hanging from the tree
Souldream by sharp69 on DeviantArt
Souldream by sharp69 on DeviantArt
a pencil drawing of a woman with wings on her back, sitting in front of the camera
two hands with chains and a butterfly above them
drawing idea
a pencil drawing of a mushroom house
Nice little magical village.
A village on a mushroom. Tiny Worlds and Fantasy Architecture. Click the image, for more art from Martina Arend.
a drawing of a bridge over a river
37+ Ideen, die die Natur einfach machen, #cooldrawing #die #einfach #Ideen #machen #Natur
a drawing of a lion hugging a woman
♪♫♬...Aba eu confio em ti Nunca ninguém me amou tanto assim E em cada estação estás aqui Em cada fôlego tu és fiel Quando achei que estava só Os teus olhos estavam sobre mim Tua presença invadiu meu ser E agora os meus olhos estão em ti ...♬♪♫