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Гарри, Рон, Гермиона, Дамблдор, Хагрид, Снейп, Грюм, Почти безголовый Ник, из фетра Elsa, Patrones, Harry, Knutselen, Basteln, Natale
Гарри, Рон, Гермиона и другие герои из фетра
a black and yellow bear face on a blanket
A snug badger blanket that will protect you from the world's evils, if only temporarily.
a green and white pillow sitting on top of a couch
a close up of a piece of cloth with a key on it
Harry Potter - General
the four houses and hogwarts crest quilt is on display in this screen shot
Hogwarts themed baby quilt
two crocheted pillows sitting on top of a brown leather chair next to each other
Harry Potter Pillow - Colorful Christine
a red pillow with an image of harry potter holding a wand on it's back
Bellos Cojines de Harry Potter
a red pillow with the word harry potter on it and a lightning bolt in yellow
a pillow with a raccoon on it and the words diy harry pillow
DIY Hufflepuff pillow - Harry Potter tutorial - hogwarts house line
a woman holding up a pillow with a fox on it
a woman holding a green pillow with a dog on it and a cat embroidered on the front