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Boys VS girls memes challenge stop being sexist imposible
an animated video with the words, if you grew up loving this song how do you doin? you okay?
During my emo tween phase, this song was on REPEAT oml. (Temp by me credit me if u want ♡!)
an image of a man with no shirt on in front of a pink background that says, therapy yoga meditation? nah bro all i need is this
ryan never forgets to slay😩👏👏
template credits: @dollyist
the end of evangelon is in black and white text on a green background
I didn't understand shit of this anime 😀
Did anyone truly understand Evangelion tho? | Temp by @dollyist 💗
an anime scene with the text, this scene singlehandedly saved me
I cried reading this 🤭
I was literally having a crisis but reading this made me so happy | Temp by @dollyist 💗
an anime character with the caption, what am i supposed to do? stop simping? look at them
bokuto 🫶🫶
creds: @dollyist
slander_memes dream_hate dream_smp_slander dreamsmp mcyt_slander fb_memes Slander, Hate, Bad Person, Fandoms, Disrespect, Cry For Help, Dream Team, True Facts
I am proudly dreamphobic 😘
tc: @dollyist
an image of some people with different hair styles and words on the bottom right corner
@dollyist for the temp
two speech bubbles that say feed me actual food and shut the pls
sour candy <333
tc: @dollyist
a cartoon character holding a guitar with the caption'this scene singlehandedly saved me '
it added 30 years to my short short life 🙏🙏
temp by @dollyist
an anime character with the caption that says, stop bringing up that they're a
template by @dollyist
template credit: @dollyist It Hurts, Ecard Meme, Template, Quick
the pain is real
template credit: @dollyist
two yellow emoticions with the words, u okay? nah mf where tf did that bug in my room go
i hate bugs so much 😭✋🏻