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a blue and white christmas card with a rabbit next to a tree
More festivities!
Sharon Blackman: More festivities!
an image of a christmas decoration on a blue background with snowflakes and bows
Feeling a bit Christmassy?!
Sharon Blackman: Feeling a bit Christmassy?!
a christmas card with a dog pulling a sleigh full of presents
Christmas is coming...
I've been busy doing christmas designs lately - here are a few for you to look at! The red dove picture was inspired by a previous picture...
an image of a patchwork quilt with trees and flowers in the foreground on a white background
Sharon Blackman
Sharon Blackman
a christmas card with a house and trees in the snow
Sharon Blackman Textiles
two birds are standing next to each other on a piece of cloth with dots and circles
kaarten maken met stof en fantasie. Foto geplaatst door oldenberg op
kaarten maken met stof en fantasie
a christmas card with trees and a button on it
looking towards christmas...
I know it seems early but I've started doing some new designs looking towards christmas! I have a lovely book called 'All Wrapped Up' - whi...
two sheep are standing in the snow with a bird sitting on it's back
Happy Christmas!
Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest, said lovely things & encouraged me throughout the year. Hope you all have a wonderful christm...
a snowman with a hat and scarf
Sharon Blackman: Hello Mr. Snowman! - embroidery
Sharon Blackman: Hello Mr. Snowman! #blackman #hello #sharon #snowman
a bird sitting on top of a wooden fence next to a blue birdhouse in the snow
www.blackthorpeba … - embroidery
www.blackthorpeba ... #blackthorpeba
a quilted pillow with houses on it and buttons in the front, along with polka dots
a christmas card with a house and trees in the snow