Say cheese! This is the adorable moment two tiny mice were spotted cuddling before bedtime. Pictured clutching onto a dried up reed, the beaming buddies seemed more than happy to pose

Dormice are nocturnal, alternating bursts of activity with periods of rest. Dormice are mainly arboreal in the summer, rarely crossing open ground. Dormice usually have one litter a year but, if the summer is fine and long, they may have two.

Oh ok you have to have to amit that is a god damn cute face

Can We Guess How Old Your Soul Is Based On The Things You Love?

So Cute :). HD Wallpaper and background photos of So Cute :) for fans of Puppies images.

dog art - repinned from my gifted friend, Kathy Tarochione's, Pinterest. Her "Pet Life Stories," memorabilia creations and online art are amazing... and all she does. I recommend that you follow Kathy!

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Twitter, Red fox

Red fox pup- ever since I saw"The Fox & the Hound" I've always thought that having a pet fox would be thee coolest thing in the world!

Spreading squirrel love. Rusty, the squirrel features in Clarissa Cartharns new romance, Affairs Atonements. Available:

Squirrel love nuts so much. In case you live close to a nut tree, there is a chance that you can spot a squirrel running around carrying a nut.

looks like my Nugget rest in peace .first Christmas alone without her in 11 years :'(