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two white vases with pink flowers and green stems in front of a plain background
Bubble Vase • Recyclart
Ceramic Oil&vinegar and cafe cup recycled in a bubble vase by Fleurs de Céléno! #Ceramic, #Recycled, #Vase #Accessories
two mason jars are hanging on the wall with plants in them and one is holding scissors
Loving This Idea...Etsy Mason Jar Hanging Planter, Home Decor, Wall Decor, Rustic Decor, Hanging Mason Jar Sconce, Mason Jar #DIYHomeDecorMasonJars #rustichomedecor
there are many different bottles and containers in the sink with one being used as a soap dispenser
Glazen flesjes in je favoriete kleur! flesjes in je favoriete kleur
three different views of a vase with white flowers in it and some other things around the vase
Met muurvuller van de Action maak je echt de meest gave dingen…. Geef spullen een beton-look met deze 8 ideetjes
Met Muurvuller Van De Action Maak Je Echt De Meest Gave Dingen…. Geef Spullen Een Beton-look Met Deze 8 Ideetjes
there are many pots on the table with plates and cups around them, all in different colors
DIY: terracotta bloempotten beschilderen
terracotta bloempotten beschilderen - Roomed
two tin canisters filled with nuts and figurines
Sinterklaas DIY ideetjes 2016 (#DIY) - Goodlives
Pepernoten potten DIY met Sint en Piet op
four jars with hearts painted on them
Pimp je lege flessen en potjes
Glazenpotten met muurverf.
the instructions for how to make an upside down flower pot garden planter from plastic cups
Kerti ötletek tavaszra 2. rész - Ötletmánia
#virágtartó #madáritató #cool #tavasz #spring
three potted plants sitting on top of a white shelf next to a green plant
DIY | Terracotta potten beschilderen - Wonen&Co
three potted plants sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY #34: Bloempotjes verven CREA CROSS Lente
zelf maken bloempotje voor je planten
three jars with tassels and lace on them are sitting on a white table
KIT- Small DIY Macrame Jar Kit, Macrame Hurricane, Macrame Vase, Macrame Jar, Macrame Candleholder, Candleholder, Vase, Macrame, kit
Small DIY Macrame Jar Kit Macrame Hurricane Macrame Vase | Etsy
some cups with plants in them and paintbrushes
Doe-het-zelf: beeldig bloempotje
DIY geef een zelfbeschilderd bloempotje cadeau! Perfect voor de moderne (zwart/wit) kamer. Beschilder het potje met krijtbordverf en schrijf er meteen een lieve, leuke tekst op voor mama! #Moederdag
two jars filled with white cotton balls and one has an open lid that says how to upcycle glass jars
Save your food jars! I love this recycling craft.
This upcycling craft idea is perfect for storing small items! Recycle your food jars to make beautiful glass jars. So cheap and easy! You could even sell these! Recycled projects and crafts are my favorite. #recycledcraft #recycledproject #recycling #crafts #diy #instrupix #doityourself #homedecor
three glass vases with plants in them hanging from the side of a black wall
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