Penguins in the dark craft for kids to make! Great for winter time using fun chalk markers |

Make a penguin in the dark craft with your kids! We used fun chalk markers and black paper to make this fun winter art project.

sneeuwvlokken van wattenstaafjes

CONCENTRATION:Snow Flakes out of Q-tips! My 5 year old concentrated and loved iit for 45 minutes! They break when you fold them, so no scissors either.

huisjes met sneeuw knutselen  (uitleg:

huisjes met sneeuw knutselen (uitleg:

Vrolijke raamtekening met vogeltjes op een tak die spelen in de sneeuw.

Happy window drawing with birds on a branch playing in the snow.

Igloo role play

Winter Igloo classroom display photo - SparkleBox, I like this igloo sometime children are tired and having anxiety that might help them to reduce their stress.

Sneeuwpop van 16 vierkantjes

Sneeuwpop van 16 vierkantjes