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Leonardo Da Vinci. Schilderij toont Jezus in lendedoek in een beek door een landschap met rotsen. Rechts giet Johannes de Doper, herkenbaar aan het kruis dat hij draagt, water over Jezus' hoofd. Links knielen twee engelen. Boven Jezus de handen van God en een neerdalende duif.

Baptism of Christ. 1475 in the studio of the Italian Renaissance painter Andrea del Verrocchio and generally ascribed to him and his pupil Leonardo da Vinci. The painting is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. An Early work of Da Vinci


A lot of guys don’t realize they can style their hair differently for different occasions. A casual day might call for a more relaxed and messy hairstyles, whilst a more formal day you might want to play it nice and neat.

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Which is your hairstyle favourite?

Gus Kenworthy

GUS KENWORTHY Gay, gray and here to sleigh! Big thank you to for the frosty locks and for the haircut! ❄️ Also shouts to for the hairspiration.