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Movie night

Movie night A periscope entered the wooden cabin Searching for signs of the enemy There was nothing A cat, a cow, a woman Suddenly a glass wall appeared in the middle of the submarine Sound proof, bullet proof, human proof They shared Loneliness, boredom, lack of fresh food, being stuck Something was missing The wooden cabin had no chain of command The submarine did not experience snow

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The author’s preface to the reader

The author’s preface to the reader You reader could desire unpolished impertinent disturbance pleasant murmuring that impregnate muses with imperfections, folly and wit Only this custom will pardon my faults I have free will You are property exposed without a preface

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Angela van Son at The Art House, Southampton - YouTube


Pithy Ten drummers air-drumming Angel of Death in a row Synchronised they are out of tune Air beating the wrong key Photo: Angel by Pastor Vincent Stone

Please edit me

Please edit me I falter, I fumble I alter, I stumble Your work is never done

Rest for the wicked Southampton, Saint George's day Bees buzzing through my head (They could be dragons) Me searching for words lost between croaking floor boards (The snoring encore) Jane gently jests Superman takes no orders (Where did that come from?) Beer for the dancing man Meat sausages with vegan mash Rest for the wicked

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Before I got my eye installed

Before I got my eye installed Before I got my eye installed I put out to whoever cooed me I liked as much – well - to hear their voice I see that now As other creatures that have eyes have said I wasn't blind as much as deaf And know that I repent – no Any other way But were it told to me that today that tomorrow that one day I might have the roars of the sky for mine I tell you that my heart would trade A split second of sight for the thrill one size one fill All of…

My willow of joy

My willow of sorrow My willow of joy You show your strength when you’re naked You eternally bring the first signs of hope I long to conceal myself in your green embrace My willow of sorrow My willow of joy