Dragen kun je Leren

Dragen kun je Leren

Bergen op Zoom, Woensdrecht, Roosendaal / Draagconsulente Woensdrecht - Bergen op Zoom - Roosendaal en omgeving Voor al uw vragen en hulp bij het ergonomisch dragen van uw baby, dreumes en peuter.
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"A Woman Carrying her Baby in Her Arms and Another Small Child on her Back Accompanied by a Young Boy", by Stefano Della Bella

Image of the Queen Mary Psalter, c.1310-20. Royal 2 B VII f. 40v.

adriaen van de velde 1636-1672

Picture: G.O. Delamotte of Mrs Gwyn, Swansea, c.1820. A woman carrying her baby 'Welsh fashion'.

Evacuees return home to London. Photo shows villagers saying goodbye to the children they adopted for the war.

An unidentified girl carrying a baby in a shawl 'Welsh fashion'. | Peoples Collection Wales

Welsh shawl traditional baby wearing. I remember my mother holding my children like this - giving them a cwtch!! Wonderful.

welsh shawls - wrapped around the baby and shoulders