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This.. is really reassuring. I hope everyone has a chance to see this once in their lifetime.

This is something everyone needs to remind themselves of<<<When I feel ugly I remember beautiful ppl got sacrificed to the gods, but then I feel bad cause that means all my friends would be dead

honestly, one of my friends has replaced me. She'll still message me when she needs help but for nothing else

I'll be there for anyone who needs it. I will stay up all night on the phone to help you. I promise I'll be there. Just hate being replaced.

i love and hate this

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I respect my elders no matter what but they need to earn it for it to remain 2 sided <<< true.respect the authority, and respect how they've gotten there, but know that it's important that they respect you/earn your respect, too.

People these days are so terrible  I swear. Why can't we go back to like the early 2000s??

this is why im so stressed rn. I hope my teacher lets me do it at lunch and not class time omg. she knows I have social anxiety so-<<<the pe thing isn't always true, I was hurting bad one day in pe and they would not let me sit out.