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tafel lied / tafelliedje tafels 1 t/m 10 - YouTube

How to Teach Arrays - a lot of great ideas for arrays and repeated addition - small groups activities, centers, worksheets etc.

How to Teach Arrays - use dough to build rectangular arrays and so many more great arrays ideas on this blog post!!

Skip Counting Lacing Plates (Living Life Intentionally)

Skip Counting Lacing Plates

Here's a very cool and 3-D way of looking at a multiplication table.

patron chal Más

Very elegant and versatile this jacket crochet yarn. see the graph of this model - Crochet patterns free

Crochet Pretty Circle Jacket with Pattern

LUL's Flower Power Vest FREE Crochet Pattern

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids: Craft Stick Stars

Snowflakes using popsicle sticks