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three flower pots with flowers in them and the words fingerprint flower pots on top
Fingerprint Art: Flower Pot Kids Craft | | by Jessica Grant
Visual perception and logical sequence activity
Visual perception and logical reasoning activity, for 4 year olds 🥳🧠🌸 Very easy to do, just with cardboard and marker board @universoeducacionalinfantil
Thinking Kids Activities
A game made of leftover material for the development of spatial thinking and analytical abilities. credits: samodelki_podelki
Coping Skills, Adhd, Parenting Tips, Parents, Parenting Advice, Parenting, Parenting Hacks, Impulse Control Activities
Impulse Control Activities For Kids: Teaching The Basics
a young boy is making a paper cut out of the shape of a cat and other animals
Shadow Drawing
two rolled up toilet paper tubes on a string
35+ things to do while you're stuck at home with kids - almost makes perfect
a young boy wearing a colorful hat with words written on it's top and sides
Brain hats (cerebral cortex)
Best hack to get your children to fold their own laundry 🤯 #mom #momhack #lifehack #hack
the plans for this picnic table are easy to build and can be made in any size
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a baby sitting in a plastic tub on the ground with an instagramr above it
Summer Fun for your 4 Month Old! - Straight Forward Mom