Australian Police mugshots from early 1900's

Walter Smith is listed in the New South Wales Police Gazette in 1924 as "charged with breaking and entering the dwelling house of Edward Mulligan and stealing blinds," . and with "stealing clothing in the dwelling house of Ernest Leslie Mortimer.

Sarah Ann Loreth

A rather unconventional yet stunning portrait by Sarah Ann Loreth. Did we mention that the fire is REAL? We think that model deserves a round of applause. ‘A Suicide for the Strong’ by Sarah Ann Loreth via I need a Guide

National geographic

nativeamericanconnection: “ Stanley Good Voice Elk, a heyoka, burns sage to ritually purify his surroundings. In Oglala spirituality, heyokas are recipients of sacred visions who employ clownish.

Robin Schwartz

Investigation Photo by Robin Schwartz — National Geographic Your Shot