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a small brown and white dog laying on top of a bed next to a blue teddy bear
AVAILABLE PUPPIES - Rillito Chihuahuas
a small brown and white dog peeking out from under a blanket on top of a bed
a small white and brown dog laying on top of a person's lap with its tongue hanging out
Chihuahua Lovers And Owners | Perfect shoot 🥰❤️ | Facebook
a watercolor painting of a dog wearing a golden crown and chain around its neck
Custom Pet Portrait, Custom Portraits, 13x19inchs, Original Watercolor Painting Dogs, Cats, Animals - Large Illustration
Custom Pet Portraits Commission an original watercolor painting of your beloved pet. This is a listing for a 13x19in single image original water color painting. Painted in a looseexpressive style on acid free water color paper using artists quality Winsor and Newton paints. Just email me some photos and tell me a bit about your pet and your requirements you have for the painting (e.g.vertical or horizontal portrait). The copyright sign won't appear on the painting. Please note that I am selling