Kodak, film

Kodak once dominated the photo business . but it was “almost destined” to fail. Bet most children don't know what this film canister is.

Remember these?

Twin Popsicles to Share.a definite summertime childhood memory! I loved twin Popsicles!

Latch hook kits

How to Finish a Completed Latch Hook Rug

lik koekjes

I just to lick all the icing off the cookies first. I guess that is why they call them lik koekjes.


I LOVED these matchbook dolls. It sadden my mother, when my sister and I got too old for baby dolls.

Bokje springen.

Leap frog - "bok-springen" - So much fun, especially when we had lots of kids participate.

De aapjesautomaat, bij de V&D....

De aapjesautomaat, bij de V&D. I remember this monkey automaton in the V&D in Haarlem, but there were 2 different ones.


Things of the past ( ) - Dingen van vroeger ( ) ( Botersnoepjes )

Grease! <3

It’s Grease Lightning!

You better shape up! Cause I need a man, and I know my heart is set on you. You better shape up! You better understand, to my heart you must be true! Nothing left, nothing left for me to do. You're the one that I want!