Dutch hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)

Typical Dutch hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) Remember these from when I was little, I really need to get ahold of some of these!

Typical Dutch stroopwafels, particularly yummy if you set it on a cup of coffee & warm the caramel in the middle!

Stroopwafels are very common snacks in the Netherlands. This is made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. They are recommended to be placed above a hot drink for a minute to make them even more delicious.

'Boerenkool met worst' - Dutch food in winter   Kale, potatoes, bacon pieces, with a 'rookworst' sausage.

Boerenkool met worst - a typical Dutch stew. Consisting of kale, potatoes, bacon pieces, with a sausage.

Friet with kroketten

Friet with kroketten