Dutch Shark Society
Dutch Shark Society
Dutch Shark Society

Dutch Shark Society

The Dutch Shark Society wants to be an active intermediate partner between science and people, by supporting and visualizing research, and developing media init

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Klik om afbeelding te sluiten, klik en sleep om te verplaatsen, Gebruik pijltoetsen voor volgende en vorige

These Are The 12 Best Selfies Ever

http://airows.com/these-are-the-12-best-selfies-ever/ And Dutch Shark Society's photographer made one of them!

Reconstruction of Helicoprion by paleo-artist Christopher David Reyes More info on the tale of the Sharks: http://www.dutchsharksociety.org/?p=5006

Megalodon tooth with two great white shark teeth (Wiki Commons)

Guus van Adrichem en zijn gevonden eikapsel!

http://www.dutchsharksociety.org/follow-the-food/ Basking sharks follow their food: plankton! Picture by Alex Mustard

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B-Social networks in sharks

Social Shark Networks

Great white shark's epic ocean trek

Lydia's tracks - great white cross the ocean!

That's how a sawfish feeds!