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a chair made out of plywood and black fabric with a wooden frame on the back
Кресло из гнутой фанеры KerFutel01 от Boris Goldberg
Фанерное кресло имеет мягкую обшивку и подлокотники
a suspended light fixture with five lights hanging from it's sides and four different shades of grey
Luxxbox Matrix Acoustic Light | Lengths of infinite cool
an empty room with some shelves on the wall
maatwerk/aalst - 2 -2015 — Filip Janssens Design Studio
a white chair sitting next to a wooden cabinet with books on it's top
a wooden light fixture hanging from a red cord in front of a white wall and black frame
Lykke, la suspension de Ronny Buarøy - Blog Esprit Design
a wooden cabinet with many drawers on it
Новая коллекция Vittorio Grifoni
the coat rack is made out of wood
the geometric pattern is shown with different colors and shapes, including white and gray tones
the wooden rack is holding several pairs of shoes
conceptMODEL: Photo
conceptMODEL : Photo