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˚Black-necked Spitting Cobra, Sakania, DRC by Nigel Voaden @ flickr

Black-necked Spitting Cobra, the only snake I've had a venomous encounter with. A baby spit in my left eye.

Educational games for kids and digital learning apps for today's schools: it's MWorld. (Sink your teeth into this! One of the many jolly fellows we encounter in MWorld's amazing 'Fangs - How Animals Eat'.)

The snake lunged for Ardhoniel with a lighting fast strike. I moved equally as fast, putting myself between it and her, and moving her out of harm's way. I then felt a white hot pain in my calf as the serpent sank its fangs into my leg.

King Cobra! Longest Venomous Snake that can approach lengths of 18.5 feet!

Another poisonous snake is seen in king cobra facts. When you hear the word cobra, you always associate the animal with India. We know that this country is famous with the cobra dancing.

snake head tattoo designs - - Yahoo Image Search Results

snake head tattoo designs - - Yahoo Image Search Results