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The safety and clothing of my husbands arms bring such an intense presence of God and His love for me.

El amor es ... querer estar a solas con él.

Our absolute favorite part of each day ❤ Love Is. wanting to be alone with him.

Ummm the prob is I'm not the only one that sees everything thing amazing abt him.... #ugh

"Love is. Seeing in him what others can't see." comic strip by Kim Grove Casali - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.it relationship quotes, relationship tips.

zeggen hoeveel je van hem houdt....

"Love Is- The story of 2 naked 9 year olds who are married"- Homer J Simpson ( know I am your 'big kid ' who needs looked after, but I look after you too my precious darling Suz ❤️

After waking up next to u for a few days and now facing tomorrow without u :(

They would be Baby! Mornings & the whole day! I Love YOU! Im just madly, deeply, crazy in love with you.enjoy your morning & your day. I Love YOU, always and forever!

M:lGij betekent alles voor mij mijn schatje,laat ze maar praten allemaal,ze zijn gewoon jaloers op ons dat we zo goed en mooi samen zijn.ons krijgen ze nooit uit elkaar,want ik.laat u nooit gaan

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