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a handwritten quote with the words even if i spent the whole day with you, i will miss you the second you leave
"Close Your Eyes" - Roxanna
En zo is het
i like you more than i planned written on a piece of paper with black ink
Falling for you.
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a pink background with the words i'm hella obsessed with your face
Just for a minute so i can see if it sounds the same as the blood rushing through my veins. True Quotes, Deep Relationship Quotes, Flirty Quotes, Love Quotes For Him
Just for a minute so i can see if it sounds the same as the blood rushing through my veins.
the words truly madly crazy deeply in love with you are written on a gray background
Gemini Birthstones
t r u l y , m a d l y , d e e p l y // one direction
someone is not the person you miss it's the feeling you had when you were with them
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an image of three phases of the moon with a quote from rupi kaur
18 Poems By Brilliant Contemporary Female Poets To Inspire You
“I don’t pay attention to the world Ending. It has ended for me many Times and began again in the morning.” — Nayyirah Waheed
the words i looked at him as a friend until i realizing i loved him
Top 30 Cute Quotes for Boyfriend
Top 30 Cute Quotes for Boyfriend #Quotes #Boyfriend
the words you're kinda, sorta, basically pretty much always on my mind
60 Love Quotes And Sayings For Him
Here are 60 love quotes and sayings for boyfriends, husbands and just for men in general.
an old poem with the words i feel like everything in my life has fed me to you
soulmate love quotes
a skeleton with the words our hearts are monsters that's why ribs are cages
Joan Rivers Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death - Money Fame Insights