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a person holding up a framed artwork with seashells on it
This one sold yesterday but here’s a closer look at it anyway 🐚🌊 . . #art #artreel #reel #shells #cowrieshell #shellart #seaglass… | Instagram
several plastic trays filled with different types of crafting supplies on top of a wooden table
How To Layer Resin: Everything You Need To Know - Resin Obsession
first layer in resin molds
four wine glasses with seashells and shells in them on a wooden table next to a starfish
DIY Seashell Coasters |
two sea turtles on the beach with seashells in their shells and text reading, tridistillion
two plastic containers filled with sea shells next to a bottle of welbbond
How To Make DIY Wall Art With Seashells
three seashells are arranged in a shadow box
three seashells are holding hands on a piece of wood with shells in the shape of women
an image of a sea turtle on a tile with the caption just very simple and sweet canvass with sand covering, add a little shade of shell and glass
Crafting Blog: 1 “Sea glass Turtle Canvas”
several seashells in a clear container on a wooden table
How to Make Resin Seashell Coasters - Hobbies on a Budget
These are all shells I picked up at the beach. Cleaned and shined Nautical, Wood, Florida, Lauren