Paleo Beef Empanadas

Paleo Beef Empanadas -- Gluten free, and made with tapioca and almond flour -- definitely one to try first.

Pastechi Karni (pasteitjes met gehakt)

Pastechi Karni (pasteitjes met gehakt) oh so good, they used to serve them on the plane from curacao to bonaire

Funchi (corn meal mesh) is a typical Aruban side dish that is usually served with fish and "pan bati" - it can be served cooked or fried. Find the recipe here.

We will feature regulary a new recipe for a typical Aruban dish or delicacy. You can print out this page and start up your own Aruban recipe book!

Jambo / Guiambo (okra soup)

Typical food of Aruba called "Jambo". It is a vegetable (the jambo) soup combined with beef.

Piska Kora hasa (fried red snapper with sauce)

Mojo isleño is a popular way to prepare fish in Puerto Rico. It's name can be translated as "islander sauce," and its components — olives, peppers, garlic and bay leaves — are typically Puerto Rican.

Pastechi bakijou (pastei met bakkeljauw / gezouten vis)

Pastechi bakijou (pastei met bakkeljauw / gezouten vis)

Pika natural

Hotter than the Hinges of Hell Habanero Jelly Not allergy free unless I can find a cider vinegar replacement, but this is a jelly Para mi hermano Chris!